Metro Map PhD Project

Colour-Coding Study

Phase 1: Route Tracing

These files were used in the study of the effect of colour coding on usability of the diagrammatic New York City subway map.
Files used in data capture
Main HTML file MetroMapStudy_v11.html
Main Javascript file MetroMapStudy_v11.js
Main CSS file MetroMapStudy.css
Javascript code embedded in SVG MetroMapStudy-addTransfer.js
SVG map - trunk colouring MetroMapStudy-trunk.svg
SVG map - route colouring MetroMapStudy-route.svg
SVG map - route colouring MetroMapStudy-shaded.svg
PHP code for writing to randomisation file randomisations.php
PHP code for writing to backup file writedata.php
PHP code for writing to IDs file writeid.php
Folder of JPG images images,zip
Files used in analysis
Stations Javascript file MetroMapStudy-Stations.js
Topology Javascript file MetroMapStudy-Topology.js
Data from route tracing study Main Study.csv